Make them count.

As a mom of a two and half year old and an 8 month old, I feel bad a lot. I feel bad that my house is a mess. I feel bad that the laundry is not done. I feel bad I don't make time to exercise or that I am not back to my pre-pregnancy size. Tonight my 8 month old woke up crying so I went in to get him and he immediately stopped crying and snuggled into my chest. I stared at him for awhile. He fell back asleep quickly. I drank in the smell of his head and kissed his chubby little cheeks. I held his little hand and held him a little closer and longer. That's when it hit me. Your baby doesn't care if your house is a mess, if the laundry is not done, if the jeans you are wearing are two sizes bigger than the ones that hang in your closet. Your baby doesn't care if you have makeup on or your hair is done. Your baby just wants to be held.  So hold your baby a little longer, a little closer. Time goes too fast. Your house can wait , the laundry can wait, your old jeans can wait.  Your baby will only be a baby for a little while. Someone once told me these are the longest days and shortest years of your life. Make them count.