28 days of yoga...and sleep

Do you know when you KNOW you need an attitude adjustment? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately, like I need to shake myself up like an etch-a-sketch and start over. I just don’t like my attitude. It’s a lot more, “What day is it again?” than “Whoohoo! New Day! Let’s make things happen!” I’m sick of hearing myself say, “I’m overwhelmed” or “I have no time.” It’s not cool, not inspiring, and not how I want to spend my energy.

October is typically a really good month for me, so I thought I’d use that positive energy and try to shift gears. I need to get out of my head and back in my body, big time. I’m embarrassed to admit how far away my personal asana practice has slipped from me… Let’s just say my mat is starting to forget what I look like. With my schedule, it’s been almost impossible to get to class, and I haven’t had the discipline to get on my mat at home so my practice has been slip sliding away, and I am definitely noticing the effects. It’s not pretty. I’ve been a little bit of a monster lately, as my husband can attest.

In true Katie fashion, I decided to go big or go home and on October 1st, I told myself that I was going to practice for an hour a day for the next 28 days. While I’m at it, I thought I’d throw in attempting to get 6.5-7 hours of sleep a night. I sort of feel like sleep is a waste of my time. My sister is always telling me most of my problems and headaches stem from lack of sleep. It’s a theory… but I digress.  As usually happens when I stop and set positive intentions, the universe decided to back me up and my friend started teaching yoga classes at 6 am just minutes from my house. Bam. No excuses now. 

I’m 12 days into the month. No, I have not made it onto my mat for an hour a day and I definitely haven’t hit 7 hours of sleep a night for the past 11 nights… BUT… Last week, I made three days of yoga and three nights of 7 hours and this week I’ve made 4 days and 2 nights, so it’s a start, and I definitely feel better.  It feels amazing to actually be going to yoga (Ryan got dragged along the other day, too).  I was reminded how important it is to actually get to class and recharge, and I think it's easy to let that slip, especially when you're teaching a lot.  I feel like I’m getting my energy back and my head feels clearer and more calm. Even taking small steps can lead to big changes. What’s impressed me most about the last two weeks is that although I only achieved about 50 percent of what I set out to do, even that 50 percent is making a big difference. 

I’m really noticing where I can be more efficient with my time management. For example, if I’m adding in more 5 am wake up calls, I really need to close my eyes by 10:30-11:00pm, and also if I’m trying to get to sleep and get up earlier, it means I need to be more organized and pack lunches the night before and prep dinners better.  So interestingly enough, by sleeping more and adding in time for yoga, I’ve actually been getting more accomplished. I even managed to “find time” to finish that gallery wall I started oh about 6 months ago, and every time I look at it, I feel so happy. Lesson of the week… if you don’t like how you’re feeling, do something about it. Even a little something can go a really long way. I’m a firm believer in aim high, go big. Maybe you won’t completely achieve what you set out to do, but it doesn’t really matter. The intention towards making positive change has a positive ripple effect. Just making the choice to attempt to get back on my mat every day has been helping me shake some dust and the rest of my life is flowing more smoothly. And also, this yoga stuff really does make a difference.