Childbirth Class:
December 9th 11:30 pm

Experience the power of pregnancy with Karen Carola. Karen has assisted more than 3,000 women in delivering their children and is currently the Director of Midwifery for Kimball Medical Center. Bringing together the unique perspectives of a registered midwife, 30 years of OB-GYN experience, and a 500 hour RYT, Karen shares the secrets to a safe and empowering pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Using her experience as a medical professional, Karen will give an overview of the stages of labor and offer breathing and positioning to maximize the progress of labor. She will also give specific techniques for pushing and offer couples ways to support each other in labor. She will take time to answer any and all questions or concerns you or your partner may have regarding labor, birth, or your time in the hospital.
River Yoga- 111 Princeton Ave, Brick
Space is limited for Childbirth Class.  Pre-registration required. For more information or to register: call Karen at 908.783.1003


Breastfeeding 101: 
December 9th 10:00 am

Join Certified Nurse Midwife, Karen Carola, for a workshop on breastfeeding. In this class, we will discuss helpful tips on successful breastfeeding. We will teach about preparation, positioning, pumping, and tuning into your natural intuition. Please bring any questions or concerns you may have as we explore ways to enjoy this beautiful experience. Class will be held at River Yoga - 111 Princeton Ave, Brick

Breathing for Labor and Birth: TBA

Join  Certified Nurse Midwife, Karen Carola for an informative evening where we will discuss breathing techniques for labor and birth. In this class, Karen will teach the specific breathing techniques that she gives to her patients. She will also demonstrate yoga postures for labor and show how to use a birthing ball.
111 Princeton Ave, Brick, NJ