"This is a community of loving, encouraging women!"

Since starting prenatal yoga with Karen & Katie, I have been given this new meaning of what it is to be growing a human being inside of my very own body! I feel empowered, and strong. The group of women that I have met, have been supportive and not only is this a wonderful practice for the physical & mental being, but also for the spiritual! This is not just a yoga class...this is a community of loving, encouraging women! I am looking forward to my the birth of my second son, and would recommend anyone, experienced or not, to come join in!



"I felt prepared and empowered"

As a first time mom nothing prepared me more, physically and emotionally, for the birth of my child than prenatal classes with Spiral Path Yoga. For me, early pregnancy was a time full of nerves and uncertainty. These classes provided me with the opportunity to prepare my body for childbirth, ask questions, practice safe exercise, and bond with my baby in a way I didn't know I could. By the time I went into labor I had so much confidence in my body and my natural abilities that I felt prepared and empowered throughout the entire birth experience. I owe that confidence to the guidance provided by Midwife Karen and Katie and would recommend these classes over and over to any expectant mother.


A beautiful connection between baby and me

My experience at Spiral Path Yoga (prenatal class) was a very beautiful journey. From my first class about 6 weeks pregnant to 41 weeks I experienced an intimate class with so much care, warmth, and good energy. A very soft tone was set every class, with motivational words and an ease of yoga practice. Some weeks were more challenging, but only if you pushed yourself a little further. They modify positions and have great music. Every Saturday morning was my time to be at peace, really feel the energy, and challenge myself. It brought me closer and closer to my unborn baby. Sharing this class with other mamas all at different points of their pregnancy was something really unique. It took away any fear I actually had and left an opportunity to ask questions. It created a beautiful connection between baby and me before we ever met. This class is a safe, calm, and happy environment to think of nothing but the light in your life. How to connect with your baby and feel strength within yourself. Every week I felt stronger and more prepared. In this class, I learned skills to help me prepare physically and mentally for my labor and delivery. I was supported and encouraged by Karen, Katie, and other mommas to be. I attended class on a Saturday morning 41 weeks into my pregnancy, and still felt amazing. That day i gave birth to my beautiful healthy little boy and was the strongest I had ever felt because I had been preparing with this mother daughter team for months. They prepared me mentally and physically to be a warrior on this beautiful day. I knew my body more than I had ever known. ❤ so thankful for you ladies! 


"This was my first time taking a yoga class and I fell in love!"

One of my favorite things about being pregnant was being able to attend Katie and Karen's prenatal class. This was my first time taking a yoga class and I fell in love!  The studio is gorgeous with a warm, peaceful setting.  I always felt so refreshed and at ease when I left their class.  I met other mamas which was nice because we were at all different weeks of pregnancy and we would converse before class about how we were feeling or just catch up.  I learned a lot about deep breathing and stretching.  The breathing came in handy during labor and even nursing!  Now I find myself doing some stretches after a long day of carrying and playing with my sweet girl. Katie and Karen are always attentive to your needs and helpful if you are having a troubled spot. I highly recommend their class!! 



"I knew I was in the perfect place"

When I moved back to NJ after over 20 years out of state, I was 22 weeks pregnant and searching high and low for prenatal yoga to continue my practice. I'd been practicing for years and it was important to continue throughout my pregnancy.  It took me a few weeks to find the "right" fit and as soon as I discovered Spiral Path Yoga, I knew I was in the perfect place. It is a special place. Katie and Karen are so helpful, knowledgeable and truly care about each and every one of their yoga students. They have created a community type setting where you are making new friends too not just going to class and that's it. Everyone is going through pregnancy together and the class size is not overwhelming. It feels individualized. I look forward to their classes each week and feel motivated to attend as often as possible. Finding Spiral Path Yoga and meeting both Katie and Karen has been a gift. I look forward to continuing with postnatal. 


"I learned to trust myself as a woman and a mother"

I can not offer enough praise and enough gratitude for Spiral Path Yoga and the amazing classes and workshops offered by Karen and Katie. Karen and Katie changed my life both during my pregnancy and have continued to impact my life post-delivery. The pre-natal yoga not only benefitted my body while being pregnant - I took weekly classes with them from pregnancy week 14 through week 38 - but also benefitted my emotional and spiritual well being. I learned to trust myself as a woman and a mother; my confidence, my strength, and my sense of love for myself and my child grew week to week with the help of their guidance and support. I learned breathing techniques that I actively used during labor and during labor I was reminded of the many affirmations and empowering sentiments Karen and Katie shared and taught me. I now have a beautiful and healthy one week old daughter and I can not thank Karen and Katie enough for helping me get to this blessed point in my life.